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Paul Pinder 

Nickname - Corky

Job Title - Partner

Favourite Film - Zulu

Party Trick - Card Tricks

Phobia - Snakes

Favourite Food - All things Italian 

Guilty Pleasure - Beer 


David Shaw 

 Nickname - Skitch

Job Title - Partner

 Favourite Film - The Fugitive

Party Trick - Displaying double jointed thumbs

Phobia - Heights

Favourite Food - Curry

Guilty Pleasure - Cold curry the morning after 


Robin Smith 

 Nickname - Robbo

Job Title - Managing Director

Favourite Film - Gladiator

Party Trick - Magic match sticks 

Phobia - Snakes

Favourite Food - Toad in the hole

Guilty Pleasure - Dark Chocolate


Marie Smith

Nickname - Miz Mog

Job Title - Office Manager

Favourite Film - The Colour Purple

 Party Trick - Knowing Random Facts

Phobia - Spiders

Favourite Food - Salmon

Guilty Pleasure - Justin Bieber 


 Ceejay Walker

Nickname - Ceej

Job Title - Financial Manager

Favourite Film - Best Friend's Wedding

Party Trick - Telling funny stories

Phobia - Peacock Feathers

Favourite Food - Seafood

Guilty Pleasure - Chocolate


 Bex Easson


Job Title - Marketing Manager

Party Trick - Doing a big whistle

 Favourite Film - Aristocats

Phobia - Swimming in open water

Favourite Food - Seafood

Guilty Pleasure - Cheesy R&B music


Chris Pinder

Nickname - Pindy P 

Job Title - Digital Marketing Executive

Favourite Film - The Lion King

Party Trick - Balancing a £10 note on my face

Phobia - Grapes

Favourite Food - Steak & curly fries 

Guilty Pleasure - 1Direction


Kelly Chambers

Nickname - Kel

Job title - Administrator

Favourite Film - Erin Brockovich

Party Trick - Don't go to parties anymore 

Phobia - Spiders

Favourite Food - Mexican Food

Guilty Pleasure - Eurovision song contest 


Basia Malesa

Nickname - Bash

Job title - Glass Products Coordinator 

Favourite Film - Anything with Tom Hardy or Chris Hemsworth in

Party Trick - Fooling everybody how much I can drink, then having enough after two glasses of wine.

Phobia - Sticky surfaces

Favourite food - Watermelon and sweet potato fries (not together)

Guilty Pleasure - Singing very loudly in the car 



 Kate Willett

Nickname - Posh

Job Title - Business Development Manager 

Favourite Film - Wolf of Wall Street (it's the sales person in me, can't help it!)

Party Trick - The worm (Badly)

Phobia - Clowns - and I tried to get over this by booking one for my daughters 6th birthday and spent the entire 2 hours being terrified of him

Favourite Food - Scallops

Guilty Pleasure - Shopping - of course! 









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