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Sundeala "k" Eco Uncovered Boards

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Boards Direct have the most comprehensive range of Sundeala boards available, at unbeatable prices. Discounts are available for large quantities. Look no further!
Sundeala is British made from 100% recycled newspaper. The environmentally sustainable board is 100% recyclable and meets all UK corporate, government and local authority environmental policy statements
K Quality
Intended for interior use 'K' Quality is a class D board and is available in natural unbleached light grey or 8 vivid colours. The product conforms to BS EN 622-3 type MBL
" Available unframed, or with wooden natural ash, or aluminium frame
" Available in 9 colours.
" Sundeala Eco 100% recycled pinable noticeboard
" Sundeala boards are pre-sanded offering a soft velvety texture that requires no fabric covering.
" Easy to maintain offering many years of serviceable use
" 1 Year manufacturers guarantee
" Manufactured in the UK
The cellulose fibre content of Sundeala requires the board to be conditioned before application. Dry unconditioned boards may absorb local atmospheric moisture and thus expand between fixings, making the board bow or warp. To Condition the board please wipe the face of the board with a damp cloth and allow to dry naturally. The Board should be left in the room where it will be mounted for 48 hours to adjust to the room moisture before mounting and using.

Damaged or grubby surfaces of all Sundeala boards can be restored using fine sandpaper.
This is partially beneficial with Colourboards where dirty marks or scuffs can be easily removed, while maintaining the vibrant colour.

Please note - these boards are made to order and are therefore non-returnable

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