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Air Spaces Whiteboard

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Introducing...Air Spaces
Air Spaces is the professional solution if you are looking to create large seamless areas of magnetic writing boards.

Air Spaces are made by connecting Air whiteboards to each other, creating large continuous writing spaces. Concealed fittings give the surface subtle joints, measuring less than 1 mm. The continuous whiteboard can also be supplemented by textile modules (Air Textile).

Air Spaces can be end-user installed. The panels are mounted on concealed rail fixings.
The edges connect via an ingenious 'biscuit' joining system ensuring that the surfaces are level and flush.
The outside edges are hand finished to create a totally professional look.

*Concealed fittings and subtle joints
*Depth from wall 16 mm
*Magnetic ceramic steel writing surface e3
*Certified 99% recyclable
*30-year warranty on the writing surface
*Matt and semi-matt surfaces also available
(NOTE: We recommend semi-matt as a dual purpose writing and projection surface. We do not recommend matt for writing on, but for projection only)
*Bespoke solutions available - please contact us for more details.

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