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Whiteboards and accessories

Glass whiteboards are the writing boards of the future. They are elegant, clean and easy to use and are safe and durable. The strong tempered surface comes with a lifetime guarantee. They not only offer perfect function with smooth writing and erasing and glass board accessories; they also offer perfect form with customised logos, backgrounds and images and add a classy look to an office, restaurant, university, hospital, government facility or private home.

Magnetic glass whiteboards have hidden magnetic fixings that make it easy to fit to any wall, stud wall or partition. The size can be customised for landscape or portrait orientation. Magnetic glass board accessories include extra strong magnets, marker pens, cleaning materials, pen and flipchart holders and much more.

Non-magnetic whiteboards are available in clear glass, opaque glass, coloured glass and there are whiteboards with concealed fixings. They are simple, stylish and very functional with toughened safety glass for easy writing. The opaque model has a sandblasted back so the wall behind the board does not show. It also offers better contrast for the writing. Coloured glass has a painted back that can be any colour to complement or add focus to a conference room or office.

Free standing glass whiteboards are very convenient for small businesses and schools. They can be easily moved from room to room on their brushed stainless steel frame with lockable smooth running castors. They have a matching pen tray for both sides and can be colour and size customised for a unique product.

Glass notice boards can be used with magnets as well as marker pens. With a wide range of colours they make an attractive and easy to see notice board for schools, hostels or medical offices. Glass notice boards with sliding toughened-glass doors are ideal for corridors and small spaces where hinged doors are not safe. The whiteboard unit works with magnets or marker pens. The frame is silver anodised aluminium and has rounded corners for safety. It can be customised to several sizes and colours and is for indoor use only.

Glass board accessories include extra strong designer magnets, clear acrylic pen trays, wet markers in black, white and many colours that dry waterproof and cannot be accidently erased. They can be erased with a damp cloth or mild household cleaner. There are also extra strong magnetic rings which will fit over marker pens and enable them to stick to the whiteboard.

Even after years of use, tempered glass whiteboards will not stain, leave ghost markings, chip or dent. If, by chance, a permanent marker is used on a glass whiteboard, it can be cleaned with a paper towel or soft cloth and ordinary window cleaner. If they receive proper care, in 20 years they will look and function the same as the day they were installed.

Magnetic and non-magnetic glass whiteboards and accessories are available to buy online at Boards Direct.

The many uses of a large whiteboard

Whiteboards for Business and Displays
A large whiteboard has many uses in business as well as for display purposes. For sales meetings with staff, a large whiteboard is a teaching implement as well as a display board for important sales instructions and to visibly display sales and marketing goals and achievements. In large companies, a whiteboard might be used to work out new chemical equations for the R&D chemistry department. Or, a large board may be a valuable tool in engineering departments where large designs can quickly be drawn to simplify transferral to a computer design program. These boards are also found in institutions of learning where small groups of students can readily view a particular segment of their study course.

A Large Whiteboard For Home Uses
A large whiteboard is a handy item in a busy household. It can serve as a memo board for the whole family to remind them of special events at school, the office or physician and dental appointments. For family members involved in sports, the arts or extra-curricular school activities, this is a good way to avoid conflicting schedules. Cooks love a large board as a convenient place to post their recipes and schedule meals, formal dinners and holiday get-togethers, these reasons alone justify a large board.

A Large Whiteboard For the Small Home Office
No small home office is complete without a large whiteboard to keep track of new clients, vendors, shipments and other data that needs a larger view than a computer screen. Just as in any large business, the whiteboard serves as a good reference point for sales lead creation, setting appointments and small business events planning. For a small home office, a large board is one of the best types of planners available.

How To Choose A Large Whiteboard
In terms of size, a large whiteboard should allow for enough free space to manage tracking of regular business memos, notes and schedules. Choose a location to put your board where there will be easy access to make any changes or to add new information. They are usually is sold with an eraser and dry marker that is compatible with its surface. In some cases, these two items may be sold separately. Be careful not to post the in an area where it may be subject to damage, because of its size. Though the whiteboard surface is quite durable, it should still be protected from scratches and gouges.

A large board may come in a variety of frames. Some are made of stainless steel. Others are made from wood or corrugated wood. Considering the wide range of uses, the price of a big whiteboard is relatively reasonable, depending on the size and the type of frame selected.

Why you need a dry wipe white board

Every home, office, or hall of residence needs a dry wipe white board. These boards hang on the wall ensuring your reminders will not be misplaced. In your office, white boards can serve as helpful reminder tools. Make sure you never forget to follow up on an important phone call again. Simply use the wipe dry white board as your to-do list. Jot down reminders and stay on track at work.

A dry erase board in the kitchen of your home can help keep kids entertained while their parents cook. If you put a board on your kitchen wall or on the front of your refrigerator, you can give the children in your family dry erase markers and let them make art while you are otherwise occupied. Because they can erase the dry wipe board after they finish each drawing, you will not have to worry about getting them more paper or other art materials. You can get tasks done while they have fun.

If you do have children, you probably have a difficult time keeping track of all their school assignments and extracurricular activities. A dry wipe white board can double as a calendar. Simply draw a simple calendar each month and jot down important dates. If you write down that your son or daughter has football every Thursday afternoon after school, you will have an easier time remembering to drive them to practice. Many white boards come already printed with a calendar. If you think that this will be the primary way that you use your dry wipe, you might want to consider purchasing the kind with the pre-printed calendar.

If you or your child is heading off to university, a white board is an absolute necessity. If you live in university hall of residence a white board is more than just a place to write reminders. It is a crucial message system and entertainment device. When you are out of your dorm room, your friends can leave you amusing messages. Without a dry wipe white board, you might not know that they stopped by to see you. It can even be fun to leave messages anonymously or draw silly pictures. If you have ever visited a college dormitory, you might have noticed that nearly every door has a dry wipe white board on it - if you go to university without a this type of white board, you will probably feel left out of the fun.