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We at Boards Direct pride ourselves on being more than just a shop. We provide you with everything you need to know about whiteboards, notice boards and any other type of board you can think of. There is now such a variety of different types of boards we realise that you may need a bit of help in finding the perfect board for you. The most popular types of boards we supply:

Every home, office, or hall of residence could benefit from a whiteboard. These boards hang on the wall ensuring your reminders will not be misplaced. In your office, the boards can serve as helpful reminder tools. Make sure you never forget to follow up on an important phone call again. Simply use the dry wipe board as your to-do list and jot down reminders to stay on track at work. Whiteboards come in many varieties and sizes. Magnetic boards allow you to use the board as a noticeboard as well as a writing board with the use of magnets. We also offer bespoke options allowing you to get a board built to your precise measurements. If you want something a bit more stylish, a glass writing board may be for you. It provides you with the same functions as a normal board but is designed to look a lot more modern and contemporary. As well as being much more hard wearing. They are known as the writing boards of the future.

Notice boards come in many varieties but the most popular types are felt and cork boards. Both our cork and felt boards are available with a variety of frame materials and can be made in bespoke sizes to suit your needs. There is also a range of fire rated boards for areas that require this by law. These are the most popular types of boards we supply here at boards direct. But as well as these we offer many other varieties of boards and we are confident that we can provide a solution to any need you may have. So please get in touch!

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