Why you shouldn't scrimp on your whiteboard

  02/07/2015 at 14:58 pm


Why you shouldn't scrimp on your whiteboard

Not all whiteboards are the same...

Does this look familiar? Ghosting is a common problem among cheaply made whiteboards. You don’t want something like this hanging on the wall of your office in view of everyone who visits. It doesn’t give a great first impression does it! Our whiteboards are made from the highest quality materials which means your whiteboard will always stay squeaky clean.




Most cheaply made whiteboards do not actually have a metal frame. Plastic frames are nowhere near as robust and will not last anywhere near as long as a real aluminium fame. Also all of our boards use corner fixings. This is the best way to fix a board to the wall as it is very strong and also completely invisible to the eye. Most of the cheap boards you find do not have this type of fixing and can be quite insecure on the wall. All of our whiteboards have real aluminium frames and high quality corner fixings.


You may have seen this rippling effect on your whiteboards before. This happens when they are manufactured using cheap materials which cause the surface to come away from the back of the board. The solution to this problem is to just use higher quality materials and a higher quality manufacturing process. Our boards are made to the highest standards and come with up to 25 years surface guarantee.