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The secret side benefits to budgeting.

Sure we all know that we should be budgeting, just as we all know we should be eating healthy and exercising regularly. But most everyone will tell you that the benefits of budgeting begin and end with saving money, bringing up images of restrictions and guilt, stopping most in...

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Create a cork wall using cork wall tiles and cork roll

Creating a cork wall has many benefits for many different situations. Cork walls are ideal for offices to display notices and other important information, they are great for use at home, in living rooms or home offices and many other places around the home and the workplace. Creating a cork wall is a lot easier than you would think with many ...

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Busy Boards and Orientation Boards for Dementia

Every three seconds someone gets diagnosed with dementia, with close to 50 million people estimated to currently be living with dementia. These statistics show just how much of an issue dementia is world wide. Finding ways to help people with dementia is therefore a very high priority. One way people with dementia can be helped with their daily lives is w...

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Noticeboards in the news

You may have seen an Interesting article on the BBC today as Labour MP David Drew raised concerns in Wes...

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Kanban and Scrum Starter Guide

Get to grips with the kanban methodology with this easy quick start guide.  Kanban is a framework that can help you implement an agile mentality. Tasks are visually represented on a Kanban board allowing team members to be able to view the state of a project at any time. Follow the steps below to start using your own Ka...

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The Best Eco-Friendly Office Products

Eco-friendly products are becoming more and more popular in nearly all industries. With the rise in global warming awareness and the pressure on all of us to be green, manufacturers are under pressure to make their products more environmentally friendly. There is now a huge range of...

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The Top Multi-Purpose Products

Multi-purpose products are the perfect solution for when you need to achieve multiple tasks with one product. These products can help to save space and increase productivity as all tasks can be completed with a single item. These are our favourite and most useful products that would be a great addition to any office, school or workplace....

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