Glass Board vs Whiteboard

  27/07/2015 at 10:53 am

Glass boards VS Whiteboards: Is there really a difference?

If you work in a school your probably accustom to using whiteboards when teaching, but schools aren't the only ones using this traditional note making or presentation method. Many people keep small whiteboards at home, whether its in a home office, or in a childs room to encourage learning, even offices use whiteboards and its been incredibly popular for a number of years. But with new board types being introduced such as interactive boards and glass boards, are whiteboards becoming dated and out of fashion?

If youre asking which board type is right for you and the environment you work in, read our break down of the two board types below to see which board would suit you the most.

The traditional board

Traditionally, whiteboards have been one of the longest note taking methods used across the world. These board types are particularly popular in schools for lessons, but are also often also often used in offices for note taking and presentations.


Despite other board types being available, whiteboards remain a present and popular choice, particularly amongst classrooms. While whiteboards are predominately used in schools, they can be used creatively in other environments.

Whiteboards are available in a range of sizes so theres nearly always an option to fit the space. They are also an affordable option when compared to other products adding to their appeal. This allows you to use miniature whiteboards with students in classrooms, small whiteboards at workstations, medium whiteboards in home offices and larger boards in classrooms and offices. Because of the durability and reasonable pricing whiteboards are often easy and good selections of board types for all environments.

This board type is often available as a multi purpose board; half whiteboard and another type of surface, usually felt or cork. Because of this, you can store many types of notes and attachments to these boards. Whiteboards also come in mobile options, so they can be moved around classrooms and offices easily.

A summary of the whiteboard


   A popular choice within schools

   Can be used in offices and many other environments

   Whiteboards can be available in large and smaller sizes

   Whiteboards can be used at workstations in offices

   Different pen colours can be used to brighten up the board

   Easy to clean

   With magnetic whiteboards you can use accessories such as magnetic boxes to store your board pens

   You can use magnets with magnetic whiteboards to clip on your documents and important notes

 The future of boards?

Glass boards defiantly stand out amongst other board types. With a smooth cutting edge contemporary finish due to the simplistic use of glass, glass boards appear incredibly modern and stylish whilst having the ability to blend in to any environment due to its transparency. Due to their contemporary style, these boards are great for improving the image of professionalism in offices.

 Glass boards dont just look great, theyre also great to use. These boards dont suffer from ghosting like whiteboards do, which is perfect for clean office environments that are tended to be kept tidy for professionalism.


Unlike whiteboards, glass boards can come in multiple colours. Whether you want a standard clear board to blend in with your office environment, a blue board for design and architecture purposes or even a vibrant coloured board to brighten up a classroom, glass boards can come in many colours to suit every room, even your home office. You can also add LED lighting to your glass board, to continue a polished, contemporary theme with your boards in the office to add a high quality feel to your working environment.

Glass boards are available in a selection of sizes. Although whiteboards vary in size, placing different sizes and colours of glass boards together can be a highly creative method of decorating your office or classroom, and yet the boards still maintain their functionality. For example, you can place miniature glass boards along your workstation, and with the use of coloured glass boards, you can colour code your boards for various types of notices and levels of importance.


As well as the ability to choose from various coloured boards, with glass boards you  can also have high quality images of your choice printed onto the surface of the board, from family photographs to company branding and logos. Personalise your own glass boards for your office today.


Lets not forget how durable glass boards are. Whilst some people may think glass boards may be easy to break if theyre knocked, theyre actually made with tempered glass so these boards are equally as strong as whiteboards and every precaution is taken when shipping them to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.


Glass boards tend to be more expensive than whiteboards but glass boards are generally longer lasting more durable and have a premium look within a well styled office environment. They wont suffer staining and ghosting that whiteboards do, making them long term options opposed to whiteboards that can begin to appear worn and old after regular use.

 A summary of glass boards

   Extremely professional in appearance for offices

   LED lighting can be added for a further high quality effect

   Images, branding and company logos can be added to the glass

Available in multiple colours - Coloured boards can brighten classrooms

   Available in various sizes to suit your room, whether its a class room or a home office

   Glass boards can be used to decorate and be creative in the office and at workstations whilst having functionality

   Different coloured pens can be used to creatively take notes

   You can use accessories such as magnets to clip your documents and notes to magnetic glass boards

   Long lasting

   Easy to clean with no ghosting or stains from pens

Which board type is better?

Each board type has its own advantages. The glass boards are beautifully sleek for professional environments, and yet the whiteboards continue to be successful teaching resources within schools. Its down to you to think about the advantages of each board that have been discussed to conclude on which board is right for you.

With an extensive variety of boards, youll be able to find a type suited to your workplace, so browse our glass boards and our whiteboards today. Whether you work in a school, or office, each of our boards suit these environments and can be creatively and decoratively used to inspire employees and students.