Thoughts from the Chairman

  21/09/2015 at 14:57 pm

It is great to live in an age of global communication, where events around the world are beamed into our homes and businesses almost instantly. We can see and respond to the ever changing economic landscape, and absorb the trends that we are fed to us by analysts across all continents. Mind you, it is also rather bewildering! With so many differing analyses and opinions bombarding us, how do we decide what is best for our businesses and families?
In our view, the answer lies in keeping it simple. We aim to keep Boards Direct focused on what really matters, and to use timeless strengths to make sure the Company can thrive. 
So in business, what does really matter? You do, that's what. The customer. I have been around long enough now to have learnt (often the hard way!) that unless the customer is kept satisfied then any business will inevitably dwindle and die. And so we have set out to provide our customers with the very best products available, at the best price we can manage, and back it up with honest, friendly, professional service. We can't always get it right of course- occasional mistakes occur- but our focus is on driving and striving for perfection and we hope to get there.
And those timeless strengths? How about local sourcing wherever possible, putting quality before expediency, and trusting our instinct that says these are qualities you the customer want and demand. We are a British Company, and we source where possible from British suppliers, alongside our suppliers in the EU. 
So whatever is happening in the world, be it equity crashes, currency devaluations, recession or boom, if we can steer ourselves using these values I honestly believe a business can continue to thrive. It's as old as the hills. Provide customers quality products at a fair price, and treat them with respect and consideration, and you will be in demand.
All very noble I hear you say, but do you live up to it? All I can tell you is that we try, and are committed to keep trying for as long as we exist. Over the coming weeks I will look to share our experiences as we progress, warts and all, and endeavour to show that good values can prevail.

Talk again soon!"