Create a cork wall using cork wall tiles and cork roll

  04/07/2019 at 14:40 pm

Creating a cork wall has many benefits for many different situations. Cork walls are ideal for offices to display notices and other important information, they are great for use at home, in living rooms or home offices and many other places around the home and the workplace. Creating a cork wall is a lot easier than you would think with many different products on the market that make installed your own cork wall a doddle. Here are a few of those products and some handy tips to help you create your very own cork wall.

Cork Wall

Cork Wall Tiles

Noticeboard areas are easily and effectively created using our cork board tiles. These 6mm thick high quality 'close grain' pinnable cork board tiles are self adhesive for easy installation. Each tile measures 300x300mm and has a peel-off backing to one side. The benefits of cork as a wall covering include sound reductions and heat insulation. These cork board tiles will give a peaceful and comfortable ambience to a room even when fitted to just one wall. Cork is often used as a sound absorber in recording studios. Thermal insulation is enhanced and cork tiles are often used to eliminate condensation on a cold wall. If only required for heat insulation cork board tiles can be painted or wallpapered over. 

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Cork Wall Tiles

Cork Roll

Create whole walls of cork pin board using our cork board rolls. The cork is 6 or 10mm thick and is made from high quality close grain cork material.  The benefit of using cork roll over cork wall tiles is that it enables large areas of pinnable notice board to be created with no visible joins. A cork wall covering has many benefits similar to cork wall tiles, the main ones being sound reduction and heat insulation. The cork rolls give a very nice ambiance to a room and is also effective even if it is fitted to only one wall. Cork can be so effective in absorbing sound that some recording studios use cork on their walls.  
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Cork Rolls
Cork walls are a fantastic way to make your wall useful and stylish. Whether it is at home or in the office, a cork wall could be the perfect adition to a room. Using cork tiles or cork on a roll to make your cork wall couldn't be easier, expecially when using the self adhesive cork tiles. You can create your own cork wall in minutes and enjoy the benfits right away!
Cork wall
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