Visual Display Products of the Future

  15/03/2016 at 14:09 pm

What is the Future of Visual Display

Visual display are no longer just the words used to try and make whiteboards and notice boards sound more exciting. There are already many exciting and innovative products on the market but who knows what the future of visual display will hold. Here are just a few products that could be making their way to the shelves in the next few years.

Electronic Paper/Whiteboards

Researchers from the University of Tokyo have developed an e-paper that could be used for large displays such as whiteboards. It’s pretty technical stuff but basically the paper is made up of round microparticles of which one of the sides is black and positively charged and the other is white and negatively charged. These are sandwiched between two translucent sheets. So when a magnet is pulled across the surface the microparticles flip around displaying the black side. This is how images and lines can be drawn on the board. Then applying a voltage through the whole board will erase everything.

Pretty cool right? The obvious advantages of this are toughness, cost and size options as this could in theory be easily made to any size. These type of boards would be able to be made a lot cheaper than an interactive whiteboard and would also not be affected by things like weight, energy consumption and light glare. So there you have it, the future of the interactive whiteboard!

Flexible Displays

We have already seen flexible displays creeping into the market in the form of smartphone screens so this technology can’t be far off. Flexible displays could change the way we use and take down information. Taking notes on pads of paper is still very much active, although now there may be a shift to the use of laptops and tablets. But there could be a third way we will be able to take down notes in the future. OLED-based displays are extremely thin and light which would allow you to roll it up and stuff it in your bag, and then unroll it at your lecture or meeting to write down any information, then roll it back up and shove it back in your bag just like a newspaper. This would be even more portable than any tablet on the market as the displays currently being tested are as thin as a piece of paper and weigh around 60g!

Touch Sensitive Glass Boards

Touch sensitive glass is a very exciting new idea. Highly intelligent glass surfaces could one day be the norm in all households, offices and schools. The uses of such a product would be endless, from using glass walls to display television programs to using the surfaces around your house as your own personal assistant, anything is possible. This could be particularly useful in schools and healthcare. Using interactive glass tables in classrooms could make learning a lot more engaging and fun whereas the use of glass walls and displays in hospitals could make vital information a lot more accessible to healthcare professions. There are endless ideas of how this sort of technology could change the way we live and it may not be as far away from being introduced as you might think!

The Future is Here

Unfortunately, none of this technology is ready to be made into an actual product that could be used today. So if you’re itching to get your hands on some of this state of the art visual display technology you may have to wait. But there is now a plethora of new ingenious products on the market that show that visual display has grown into a diverse and exciting market, full of new and interesting products. Here we will look at some of the most exciting visual products that are on the market today.

Interactive Technology

Interactive whiteboards have now been around for years. Every school in the world seems to now use interactive whiteboards and that’s great. Interactive whiteboard are extremely useful in schools and aid learning immensely. But this is now old technology. With new interactive screens and other new technology there are now more efficient ways for teachers to interact with their students. Here are some of the products available right now that are far more advanced than a standard interactive whiteboard.

Clevertouch Interactive Screen

Clevertouch screens are basically highly advanced interactive whiteboards. They have built in PCs and have features such as an education focused app store, multi-touch screens and gesture control. These features greatly increase the amount of student interaction which (hopefully) leads to better and more productive learning.


SMARTKAPP whiteboards are a fantastic innovation. These boards are basically normal whiteboards that you can write on with a dry wipe marker as you would with any other whiteboard. But you can invite people from anywhere in the world to watch exactly what you are writing as it happens using their smart phone or tablet. These notes can then be saved on to their device. This product is basically a whiteboard and personal organizer in one!

MimioTeach Interactive System

A MimioTeach system allows any glass board or whiteboard to be turned into an interactive whiteboard by mounting magnetically onto the existing board. This allows it to be easily moved from room to room or to be removed for safe keeping. This takes out a lot of the costs involved in buying and running an interactive whiteboard and lets you control the information on your computer from your whiteboard, without wires. The system works automatically so no learning curve is required. So if you do will want to use an interactive whiteboard, this looks like it could be the perfect solution for you.

Other innovative products

It’s not just interactive technology to get excited about in the visual display market at the moment. There are so many other innovative products being released on the market every day! Here are just of those products that are available now.

mcSquares Whiteboard System

mcSquares in an exciting new product that has only just come to market. The system allows you to turn a tired meeting room or classroom or any room in fact into a space for collective creativity! mcSquares allows each user to write down their own ideas and then all of those ideas can be displayed together making meetings, school classes or brainstorming sessions more interactive and engaging for each person involved. The mounting brackets enable mcSquares to pivot on their corners so you can ‘popyour ideas off the wall for sorting and sharing.

Beautiful Printed Glass Writing Boards

Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘but glass boards have been around for years!’ and yes that is correct, but these glass boards are something special. These glass boards have been printed with amazing designs. They range from gold and silver to wood and abstract designs and all look absolutely stunning. The images are printed with super high definition and would look spectacular on the walls of any office. What a great first impression visitors will have when you have one of these dazzling boards up in your reception. The images don’t do these boards justice, trust me! 

 So there you have it, who says the visual display market is boring!
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