Products you may not know existed – vol 1 whiteboards

  28/06/2016 at 15:14 pm

You are probably very familiar with the usual products in visual display. Whiteboards notice boards, flip chart easels, these are all incredibly useful items that nearly every office, factory or school will use on a daily basis. But what if you want something a bit different? Something that will stand out from the crowd? Well look no further as this guide will introduce you to a whole load of new and exciting products that you may not know existed!

Old whiteboard So you got that same old whiteboard hanging on your wall that you’ve had for ages. It doesn’t look to pleasing and is a bit worn out. Instead of just replacing it with the same old whiteboard, or worse leave it there looking tired and old, you could change it for one of many products that not only provide the same purpose but also look a whole lot better!
Glass Board The glass writing board is one of our favourite alternatives to the standard whiteboard. These boards are made to your precise needs. Meaning you can have any colour and size that you want, as well as being able to print directly on to the glass! Whether you want to have a crazy modern design or just your company logo, these boards look stunning and really add to the atmosphere of the room.
Writing Wall If you have a large empty wall, a whiteboard writing wallcould be a great alternative to a standard whiteboard. There are many different types of this product on the market but they all pretty much achieve the same thing. They allow you to completely cover a large wall space with a dry wipe surface. They are perfect for brainstorming areas in the office, communicating messages in reception areas or for delivering lessons in the classroom.
Coloured Whiteboards Maybe white just isn’t your colour. If you want something a bit more colourful then there are many different kinds of colourful whiteboards available. You could either go for a colourful frame, or go full out with a whiteboard with a bright and colourful surface. Some of these coloured board are actually more dyslexia friendly allowing for a more inclusive teaching environment for all abilities.
mcSquares mcSquares in an exciting new product that has only just come to market. The system allows you to turn a tired meeting room or classroom or any room in fact into a space for collective creativity! mcSquares allows each user to write down their own ideas and then all of those ideas can be displayed together making meetings, school classes or brainstorming sessions more interactive and engaging for each person involved. The mounting brackets enable mcSquares to pivot on their corners so you can ‘pop’ your ideas off the wall for sorting and sharing.
Smartkapp Whiteboards Interested in something a bit more technical that a normal writing board? SMARTKAPP whiteboards are a fantastic innovation. As well as looking a lot more impressive than normal whiteboards. This board allows you invite people from anywhere in the world to watch exactly what you are writing as it happens using their smart phone or tablet, and the notes can then be saved onto their device too! A standard drywipe marker is used to write on the board just like a normal whiteboard. This product is basically a whiteboard and personal organizer in one!
Sketchalot Abstracta Sketchalot is the world's first and only modular whiteboard panel that requires no permanent attachment to walls or glass surfaces. The construction allows you to place the whiteboard panels neatly beside each other without leaving any space between the wall and the board, which saves precious office space. Sketchalot comes with two easy-to-install detachable aluminium feet, powder coated in white. Is the perfect tool for visualising great ideas, processes and results in small as well as large groups. Its surface is magnetic which increases application possibilities. The Sketchalot is designed to be easily moved by one person, and will fit easily through door frames.

There you have it! There is a whole load of products that you could use instead of a normal whiteboard so go and explore and change the way your office looks and feels for good!

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