The top 5 new products for schools 2017

  24/05/2017 at 12:19 pm

Video Transcript

1. mcSquares

These individual whiteboards allow each student to write down or draw their own ideas. The the individual tiles can be slotted together on to the wall so ideas can be seen together and discussed as a class.

2. Dyslexia friendly whiteboards

The pastel colours have been designed to help with certain specific conditions to allow fully inclusive learning conditions throughout the classroom. These boards are available in many different colours.

3. Fun poster frames

These tamper proof safety-lock fun themed poster cases are ideal for primary schools.

4. Foam paddle boards

Drywipe boards in the shape of a bat. Ideal for students to hold their answers up in the air, teachers can see student responses at a glance. Excellent for encouraging pupil/ teacher interaction. 

5. Autex acoustic tiles

These high performance acoustic wall panels have a pinnable surface. They will help to prevent teachers from straining their voices from having to shout over loud classrooms.

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