Once Upon a Board - The Wedding

  30/08/2017 at 08:35 am


Video Transcript 

Once upon a board there was a chap, let's call him Tim.

Planning to get married to a girl lets call her Kim.

They'd booked the venue, hired the band, no nothing had been missed.

But just one thing was causing strife, the pesky invite list.


They to'd and frow'd and frow'd and to'd on countless sheets and pads.

Adding in more cousins, partners, friends and mums and dads.

But then our Tim, he had a thought, it came to him like that.

Just use a whiteboard for the list, not all this papery tat.


A whiteboards so writeonable, and if you change your plan,

it's so wipeoffable as well, they never liked Tim's Nan.

And in the end, the wedding was a lovely do abroad.

And all because the guest list started once upon a board.


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