Top 10 Must Have Office Gadgets

  13/09/2017 at 13:28 pm

Your desk is the place where you spend most of your day. So why not make it a nice place to be? Use these amazing gadgets to make your desk space the most productive it can be!

1. Sticky Note Roll

Post it note roll 

This roller 'paints' a fresh layer of sticky note whenever you need it. It can be cut to any size you like making it a lot more useful than a standard sticky note.

2. USB Coffee Warmer 

Coffee Warmer 

Are you one of those people who is always forgetting about their cup of coffee or tea? Only to remember too late and then have to throw it away becasue it's too cold? Then the USB coffee warmer is for you, never let your drinks go cold again!

3. Wind Up Shredder 

Wind up shredder 

Shredders can be quite big, bulky things. So if you are someone who only needs to shred something very occasionally this wind up shredder is perfect! It's super portable and is great for your occasional shredding needs. 


4. The Plug Mug

Plug Mug  

If you're tired of people using your mug, you need the plug mug! Keep the plug with you at your desk and plug it back into the mug whenever you want to use it! 

5. Clip on Cup Holder 

Clip on Cup Holder 

Not only does this clip on cup holder save space on your desk, it also stops you from spilling your drink! It's the perfect cup holder for your office!

6. Desk Organiser 

Desk Organiser 

This desk organiser has a built in USB slot, memory card reader, phone holder, pen holder and cup holder. It's the perfect way to organise your desk! 

7. The Foot Hammock 

Foot Hammock 

Need a quick 5 minute rest? Use this foot hammock to have a nice relaxing 5 minutes. 

8. ID Guard Stamp Roller

ID Roller 

If you work with a lot of private information, this roller makes it impossible to read. This is a good alternative to shredding. If you are really consious about your privacy you can do both to be super safe. 

9. Ostrich Pillow 

Ostrich Pillow

Sometimes you just need to have a moment to yourself. This pillow allows you to bury your head and hands away into a nice warm, cave like interior and shut away the world for a few moments. 

10. Mini Henry Hoover 

Henry Hoover 

This little Henry Hoover is the perfect way to clean crumbs from your desk, and is ideal for cleaning inbetween the keys of your keyboard.