Whiteboard Tips and Tricks

  10/10/2017 at 10:33 am

Here are our top 6 tips and tricks for using your whiteboard more effectively. Use all of these tips and become a whiteboard pro! 

1. Creating a Dotted Line

The easiest way to draw a straight, dotted line is to just draw a solid line and then remove sections with your finger, and hey presto you have your dotted line! 

Dotted Line 

2. Erasing Stubborn Ink 

When wiping away the ink on your whiteboard, make sure you use circular motions. This is the best technique to clean your board without spreading the ink and causing streak marks.  

Circular Motions\

3. Sticky Note Notes

If you're doing a presentation but finding it hard to remember some key facts and figures. A great idea is to write these down onto some sticky notes and stick them onto the whiteboard pen tray. This makes the information easy for you to see without being visible to the audience. 

Sticky note pen tray 

4. Permanent Marker

Accidentally used permanent marker on your whiteboard? No worries, just simply go over the permanent marker ink with a normal dry wipe pen, and then just wipe away the ink! 

Permanent Marker 

5. Avoiding Smudge Marks 

If you often see smudge marks like this:

Then you are probably trying to erase ink when it is still a bit wet. Try and wait just a few seconds before wiping and the ink should come off cleanly.


6. Creating Grids

It can be hard to draw even and level grids on a whiteboard. They usually end up looking a bit wonky! But try this tip which uses a sticky note pad as a guide to create your grid. 

Use a sticky note pad to map out the grid by marking the board at each of the corners.


Use the guide marks to draw your grid! 

So there are your 6 top tips for using your whiteboard. Try them out next time you use it!