The Top 5 Essential Classroom Products

  21/11/2017 at 09:36 am

With so many new and exciting products entering the education market it is hard to keep track of what's new! So here are our top 5 essential classroom products that we feel should be in every classroom.


1. Show-me Supertough A4 Board Packs

Show-me supertough board packs are a great way to encourage children to write accurate letter formation using lines. These boards come in packs of 35 so are great for the whole class. With one side plain and the other side either lined or gridded, these boards are perfect to use with subjects such as maths and English. The gridded side helps to make it easier for children to have a clear layout when doing long multiplication. As these boards have a dry wipe surface they are ideal for children to use them for working out sums, making them a great way to save paper.

Show me super touch 

2.  Duet Mobile Display Boards

If you're having problems moving boards from classroom to classroom, a mobile duet display board could be the solution. These boards are great for parents evenings, assemblies and presentations as the fabric side allows you to pin up work which can be a great visual aid for parents and students. The whiteboard side is very useful too as it allows the teacher to move the board around the classroom, bringing the board closer to the children so they can have greater interaction with the lesson and each other. This is the ultimate multi-purpose board. 

Duet Board 

3. MDF Rigid Dry Wipe Flashcards

English just got fun! These flashcards are made from MDF so are very strong and rigid. Both sides have a glossy surface making them very easy to erase. These cards are ideal for learning phonics, spelling tests, literacy games and for children to practice letter formation and words.


4. Schoolmate Desktop Easel

The schoolmate desktop easel is a great tool for the classroom. The desktop easel has the great advantage of being on the children's level, making it much easier for them to use. With one side being gridded it is great for maths lessons. This board is perfect for creative lessons and can be used for things such as role play, sharing individual work with the class and even could be used as a sign in board for kids promoting independence. 


5.  Colourwipe Wall Boards

Colourwipe is a Dyslexia Friendly range of coloured drywipe surfaces for inclusive teaching environments for all abilities. The pastel colours have been designed to help with certain specific conditions to allow fully inclusive learning conditions throughout the classroom. The colourwipe boards all have a cream colour dry wipe on one side and the specific colour on the other side.