Products to Renew Your Office for the New Year

  04/01/2018 at 10:18 am

Products to Renew Your Office for the New Year

The new year is the perfect time to renew and reorganise your office. What you have on the walls of your office can say a lot about you as a company or an individual. Isn't it time you ditched your tired, old whiteboard or noticeboard and replace it with a shiny new one? Here are our favourite products that will help to give your office a new lease fo life.

1. Wall Planners

January is the perfect time to acquire a wall planner. This board is a great way to organise yourself or your team for the weeks, months or year ahead. Use it to write down all of your appointments, or to keep track of all of your team's activity deadlines. Having these deadlines on the wall where they can always be viewed can really help with productivity in the office. 

Month Planner 

Wall planners available HERE

2. Glass Boards 

Glass boards are a great way to improve the look of your office. Changing your standard whiteboard to a glass board is an easy way to renew your office. Glass boards are available in any size or colour you wish for and have a much more premium look than any other type of wall board.

Glass Board

Glass boards available HERE 

3. Whiteboard Wall

Instead of using a wall mounted whiteboard, why not just use the whole wall! Whiteboard walls allow you to transform your whole wall into a writable surface giving you more space to work on and doesn't hinder the aesthetics of your office. There are many different types of whiteboard walls including whiteboard panels, whiteboard vinyl, and whiteboard paint.

Whiteboard Wall 

Whiteboard walls available HERE 

4. Seating

There is no better time to upgrade your office seating. Having the right office chair that supports your back and neck is very important, especially if you work in an office environment where you are sitting down for the majority of the day. Seating technology is always evolving so it is always good to refresh your seating when you can.


Seating is available HERE 

5. Acrylic Writing Boards

If you don't have quite enough budget for glass boards, acrylic boards are one of our safest, lightest, and most cost-effective boards with all the appeal of a glass writing board. These boards are available in a vast range of colours and sizes which makes them a much more fun and exciting product than a normal whiteboard.

Acrylic Board

Acrylic boards available HERE 

Any of these products will help to refresh the look of your office for 2018, while also increasing productivity from the workforce. There is never a better time to renew your office equipment so why not make this your new years resolution?

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