The Top Multi-Purpose Products

  29/01/2018 at 10:15 am

Multi-purpose products are the perfect solution for when you need to achieve multiple tasks with one product. These products can help to save space and increase productivity as all tasks can be completed with a single item. These are our favourite and most useful products that would be a great addition to any office, school or workplace.

Autex Acoustic Tiles

Autex Tiles 

Multi-Purpose Properties:

  1. Pinnable surface
  2. Acoustic properties
  3. Large choice of colours
  4. Covers whole wall or small area

Cork Wall Covering

Cork Wall
Multi-Purpose Properties:
  1. Pinnable surface
  2. Whole wall or any specific size
  3. Acoustic properties
  4. Can be painted 

Rocada Flipchart

Rocada Flipchart

Multi-Purpose Properties: 

  1. Writable surface
  2. Flipchart pad holder 
  3. magnetic surface
  4. Fully adjustable 

Combonet Noticeboard


Multi-Purpose Properties

  1. Pinnable noticeboard
  2. Magnetic surface

Mood Fabric Board

Mood Board

Multi-Purpose Properties

  1. Felt pinnable surface
  2. Glass writing surface
  3. Magnetic 

Rotating 4-Sided Noticeboard

Rotating Board

Multi-Purpose Properties: 

  1. Multiple surface combinations available
  2. Pinnable felt surface
  3. Drywipe writing board surface
  4. Magnetic Whiteboard surface 

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