The Best Eco-Friendly Office Products

  04/04/2018 at 08:42 am

Eco-friendly products are becoming more and more popular in nearly all industries. With the rise in global warming awareness and the pressure on all of us to be green, manufacturers are under pressure to make their products more environmentally friendly. There is now a huge range of eco products available in the office supplies/furniture industry. Here are our favourite environmentally friendly display products that are available to buy today.

WriteOn Eco-Friendly Whiteboards

These whiteboards are not only very stylish and modern with their coloured frames, but also consist almost entirely of timber industry bi-products and recycled materials. The frames come in a choice of quality finishes such as blue, black and oak and are all manufactured in the UK. The boards are also available with a pinnable felt surface.

Write-on eco whiteboard



Earth-It Mobile Easels

The Earth-It mobile easel is one of the few eco-friendly flipchart easels on the market today. This easel is made from mostly recycled materials making it one of the greenest easels available. Not only is this item very eco-friendly, it is also very functional with five easy glide lockable castors for easy movement and is made to be very durable and resilient.







Earth-It Felt Noticeboards

These felt pin boards are made mostly from recycled materials. Both post-consumer and post-industrial waste makes up the majority of these boards. The board is finished with an oak effect frame giving this board the benefit of being very pleasing to the eye.


Earth it felt board


Eco-Colour Resist-a-Flame Tamperproof Notice Boards 

These tamperproof notice boards are made almost entirely of recycled materials making them very eco-friendly. The boards are also class B fire rated making them ideal for public places, offices, and learning environments. The main benefit of these boards over the standard resist-a-flame boards is that they can be locked with a key to stop the contents from being tampered with which is perfect for schools, colleges, and any public places.

Eco-Friendly Accessories 

There are many eco-friendly, recyclable accessories to go with these eco-friendly boards. Bi-Office Earth-It drywipe pens are an ideal companion to any eco-friendly whiteboard or flipchart easel. These pens are chemical free and are made from pre-consumer recycled materials. The Earth-It cork magnetic eraser is made from natural cork from sustainable forests and is fully recyclable. These are just a couple of the many eco-friendly accessories that are available.

lockable board

Eco-Friendly Cork Noticeboards 

These cork pin boards are similar to the previous notice boards on this list. They are very functional and stylish but with the benefits of being made from timber industry bi-products and other recycled materials, making this board very eco-friendly. The board comes with a choice of high quality finished frames such as mahogany and oak effect.

Eco friendly cork board 

Frameless Resist-a-Flame Notice Boards 

These frameless pin boards come with a variety of advantages. They are made almost entirely from recycled materials making them incredibly eco-friendly. These materials are also fire rated and are classified as class B according to the European reaction to fire test. This makes these boards ideal to use in public spaces, learning environments and offices. The boards also have acoustic properties and due to them being frameless they can be joined together to form an acoustic wall ideal for noisy classrooms and offices.

Frameless resist a flame 

The visual display industry is one of the leading industries in creating eco-friendly products. There is now a vast amount of environmentally friendly products available and nearly every kind of display product is available in an eco-friendly form. As global warming and saving the environment is becoming more important, these products could greatly contribute to the cause.